Seeking to promote appreciation and application of intellectual property among local enterprises and potential entrepreneurs, the A.M.Y IP Awards is conferred to Filipino-owned intellectual property rights (IPR) owners of patents, utility models, industrial designs (and trademarks) that have the most substantial positive impact on the lives of people in the community and/or contributed or have the potential to contribute to economic advancement and development. It recognizes inventors, entrepreneurs, and students who contribute to the development of innovative and creative new products and services that make doing business more efficient and cost- effective.

Entrepreneurs play a significant role in the country’s development as vital contributors to economic growth and prosperity. With their innovative ideas and business acumen, entrepreneurs develop new markets, create wealth and generate jobs. Their role becomes more critical as the country participates in a highly competitive global economy.
Recognizing the invaluable role of entrepreneurs in nation-building, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) intends to confer the Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Awards during the annual Philippine Business Conference to highlight the exceptional talents and contributions of young entrepreneurs in the country. This Award is a celebration of youth entrepreneurship and shall serve to recognize the next generationof great entrepreneurs. By promoting successful young role models, PCCI hopes to further motivate existing and emerging entrepreneurs.




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