Regional Affairs

"...the private sector is the main engine of job creation and the source of almost 9 of every 10 jobs in the world. Between 1995 and 2005, the private sector accounted for 90 percent of jobs created in Brazil, and for 95 percent in the Philippines and Turkey. The most remarkable example of the expansion of employment through private sector growth is China. In 1981, private sector employment accounted for 2.3 million workers, while state-owned enterprises (SOEs) had 80 million workers. Twenty years later, the private sector accounted for 74.7 million workers, surpassing, for the first time, the 74.6 million workers in SOEs."
(World Bank, World Development Report 2012, p.7)


Although much has been said and reported about the catastrophe in Tacloban, Central Philippines and Cebu has not been spared from Typhoon Yolanda's castatrophic fury in November 8. The islands of Bantayan and Camotes was well as Northern Cebu mainland municipalities have been severely damaged with over 90% of the households left homeless. Relief efforts are now ongoing. The Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), has led efforts under the banner Bangon Cebu (Rise up Cebu) – to organize relief efforts in coordination with the private and public sector to ensure synergy and maximize the reach of the relief assistance. Focus of assistance is now northern Cebu after initial relief was sent to Tacloban and most especially as national and international aid is now being poured to Eastern Cebu.

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