President's Message


barcelon picA Happy New Year to everyone.

As we welcome the new year, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) renews its commitment to advocate for a business environment that empowers enterprises to invest with confidence, to create and deliver value, and to build competitive advantages.

The newly-elected board and officers of the PCCI are committed to this mission with the objective of positively influencing job growth, poverty alleviation, and a broad-based distribution of economic prosperity. 

In 2016, PCCI will continue its support of trade measures that increase the competitiveness of SMEs in the global arena and growing industries that generate employment.  We will also strengthen the cooperation amongst our members and business affiliates, as well as our close partnerships with local and national government.

Our economy is already on a positive momentum, but there are still many opportunities to improve our competitive standing.  It may be a long road ahead, but together, we are a step closer to building a sustainable and competitive economy for our country.

Here's to a prosperous 2016!



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