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Private Sector TWG on Port Congestion Meeting with DG St. Ana

September 4, 2014

PPA, Port Area, Manila



  • The meeting was called by Dr. Ernie OrdoƱez, Chair of the Private Sector TWG for Port Congestion, to apprise DG Juan Sta. Ana of a holistic plan presentation that the TWG is giving to the Cabinet Cluster on Port Congestion and to finalize the said plan.
  • As decided by the TWG, the following will be discussed/presented to the Cabinet Cluster:
  • Totally lift the Manila Truck Ban because of the crisis
  • If possible, return to the pre-February ban for all cities and municipalities
  • All public works in the port area will be postponed
    • Repairs should be done so that lanes are on the same level
  • The ultimatum on sending overstaying cargoes to Subic is working
  • Penalize cargoes 5 days after they are cleared with Php5,000 each day
    • In anticipation of brokers clearing their cargoes on the 29th day to maximize the use of the ports as their warehouse, an Executive Order that would require filing of import entry at BoC must be filed within 15 days or penalties will be imposed, will be requested.
    • Weekend Incentives (Saturday to Monday morning)
      • PPA will waive its arrastre fee share amounting to 20% for cargoes to be taken out of the ports on weekends
      • Port operators will waive their storage fee from the 6th to 10th day if the cargoes are shipped out on weekends; discount in the form of credit memo that could be used the next time that they are going to move out cargoes on a weekend.
      • BoCe examiners work week should be moved to Saturday to Wednesday to lessen corruption, etc.
  • Present the plan to the Cabinet Cluster on Port Congestion on September 5 with Mr. Gonzalez and Ms. Papa doing the presentations.

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