Energy, Water & Fuel

The Energy and Water Sector maintains principal responsibility in contributing to policy decision-making/promotion of the following subsectors: energy resource exploration and development; power development; indigenous and alternative fuel, renewable energy resources, and water as utility

The Sector's advocacies are focused on ensuring that the energy and water sectors are in step and able to respond to the needs of the growing economy. Specifically, these are in:

a. Security of energy resources

b. Competitiveness of power rates

c. Sustainability and reliability of power supply

d. Efficient use of energy

e. Competitiveness of water tariffs

f. Sustainability of quality water supply


Energy and Power VP

Atty. Jose S. Alejandro

Energy Committee Vice Chairman

Dr. Benjamin S. Austria

Power Committee Co-Chairman

Mr. Ramon D. Escueta / Engr. Robert F. Mallillin

Alternative Energy and Fuel Committee Chairman

Dr. Felix A. Velasquez

Water Utility Chairman

Dr. Felix A. Velasquez

PCCI Secretariat

Ms. Rhuby Conel

S5 Box