15 May 2014, 2pm, PCCI Boardroom


Dr. Eduardo Gutierrez-Ong, PCCI Chairman for Education, called the meeting to order at 2:45 pm. The following members of the committee attended the meeting:

1) Mr. Eduardo R. Nicolas, PCCI South Luzon

2) Dean Dionisio G. Magpantay, PCDEB

3) Dr. Adelina S. Patriarca, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa

4) Dr. Bella Marie Fabian, Centro Escolar University

5) Mr. Claro Gañac, De La Salle University

6) Dr. Vivian A. Gonzales, STET-VIP

7) Ms. Claire Quiray, Stock Market School

8) Dr. Ronaldo A. Juanatas, Technological University of the Phils.

9) Ms. Juliet Espino, PCCI Secretariat

Also present are Ms. Abby Cruz Ramos, Personality Development Coach, and Mr. Nixon Salimbangon, Media Affairs of Global Pinoy TV.

The group reviewed the highlights of the previous committee meeting. Dean Magpantay moved for the approval of the minutes and duly seconded by Mr. Nicolas.

On Learning Session, Ms. Claire Quiray, President of Stock Market School, the first stock market school in the Philippines, presented the course outline / module of their 1-2 hour stock market seminar. The topics include 1) understanding the Philippine stock market and 2) how to make money in stocks.
Ms. Quiray also emphasized in her discussion that in stock market, any can invest in the stock market. However, an investor needs at least P5,000.00 to open an account / or enroll with PSE-accredited broker. Currently, there are 132 brokers, 10 international brokerage houses, and the rest are locals.

Dr. Ong suggested to organize a 1-day stock market seminar in PCCI. The proposed seminar will cover the following:

Getting started in the stock market (basics of buying and selling stocks)
Stock picking (stocks available for trading in the Philippine market. Which one is a good investment?)
How to realize profit and loss in trading and investing
How to fund and settle trading transactions
How to manage and protect your investment
Signing up with a brokerage and started trading today
Opportunities for deeper studies on trading and investing
Career options and other business opportunities in the stock market industry
Dr. Ong and Mr. Nicolas will plan and decide on the matter. Ms. Quiray meanwhile said that her company may be able to extend discount on fees.

On the 2014 Search for the Best Business Idea and Development Award (BIDA), Dr. Fabian suggested some themes to choose from. Dr. Ong chose the theme with minor changes: "Creating the Student Entrepreneurs: A Mind for Business, A Bright Future Ahead."
It was noted that BIDA entries are increasing every year and last year the committee received the most number of entries.

Dr. Fabian, on her second time to Chair the BIDA competition, informed the group that her primary goal this year is to increase not only the number of entries but also the number of schools participating. She also said that the number of entries does not represent the number of schools because one school may send one entry per category. BIDA has 4 categories.

To attract more school participants, Dr. Fabian suggested to improve the award's incentives. She suggested giving cash prize to the 2nd and 3rd placers to cover for the expenses they incurred especially those who travelled from Bicol, Visayas and Mindanao.

With regard to information dissemination, Dr. Fabian requested the assistance of Dr. Juanatas to chair the said subcommittee and Mr. Ganac to be the Co-chair. Both members accepted the request.

On sponsorship, Dr. Fabian informed the group that they worked for it last year, however, they were not able to tap companies who are already sponsors in PCCI projects (PBC). She suggested that if BIDA cannot increase the number of sponsors, the number of participating schools should at least be increased.

On the proposed 4th National Education Forum (NEF), Dean Magpantay requested some suggestions from the group for a relevant topic or theme after the 3rd NEF' Asean 2015. The target date for the said forum is on August 2014. He will also hold a separate meeting next week with his co-chair, Ms. Grace Mirasol of EDC (not present) to discuss particularly on DTI's inputs towards the mission of the said forum.
Dean Magpantay suggested that DLSU-CSB may be used as a venue which can accommodate a maximum of 500 pax compared to B.A. Securities Hall which can only accommodate a maximum of 100. Dean Magpantay also suggested inviting the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office or PCSO as a sponsor to cover the meals. There was also a suggestion to subsidize the participants' registration fee at fifty percent.

Dr. Ong suggested the theme: "Business Education: Responding to the Challenges of the Work Environment."

On the proposed 2nd Career Advocacy Forum (CAF), Dr. Ong told to Mr. Nicolas that they may also use the venue in DLSU-CSB. He also suggested Dean Juanatas to Co-Chair the 2nd CAF.

Decisions and recommendations of the meeting:

It was decided to hold separate meetings on the following subcommittees:

    • 2nd CAF – May 20, 2014, 3pm, PCCI
    • 8th BIDA – May 28, 2014, 2pm, TUP (to be hosted by Dr. Juanatas)
    • 4th NEF – to be coordinated with Ms. Grace Mirasol

Other Matters

1) It was mentioned that some colleges and universities are not opening their school classes on June this year:

      • UST will open by end of July while UP is on August, according to Dr. Ong
      • CEU will open by June 9, according to Dr. Fabian
      • De La Salle, according to Mr. Gañac will start on May 21 (tri-mester)

2) Dr. Ong informed that group that the Asean Economic Integration will not happen yet in 2015. The signing of the Accord will be in December 2015. Some economists said that realization of the vision, mission, program, objectives, ideals of Asean Economic Community (AEC) could happen ten (10) years after. Mr. Gañac added that it is the same way with the European Commission or ECC, where it took them twenty (20) years.

Dr. Ong also added that the ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework (AQRF) is currently being discussed and PRC is doing its best to participate in the discussions.

Dr. Patriarca shared her experience in attending the ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework (AQRF) organized by PRC. She mentioned that our skills have been compared with other Asean countries and the Philippines is not at par with the Asean skills reference which is two levels below. She added that one of the difficulties of implementing this agreement is that we do have reference framework for skills but we do not have a reference framework for salaries. Comparable salary grade for similar skill in the Asean market has not been discussed yet.

Dr. Ong agreed that the salary in the Philippines is not competitive enough compared to other countries.

3) Dr. Ong mentioned that the Rangsit University has an ongoing cooperation with the PCDEB and there will be a meeting in Chiang Mai, Thailand on June 2014 on linkages among the academic institutions in Asean on borderless gateway or free academic interchange.

4) Dr. Patriarca mentioned about qualifications framework for curriculum development. As mandated by CHED, they are now converting their curriculum into outcome-based. They are developing the said framework to identify job opportunities open for a particular sub course, training requirements, and subject included in the curriculum. They are working with twenty (20) curricular programs.

Dr. Ong suggested to hold a separate meeting with ALCU with Industry-Academe Linkages Chair, Mr. Nicolas. He also suggested inviting Atty. Mark Lisaca of PCCI Manila (not present) and PCDEB President Magpantay. Dr. Ong also requested Dr. Patriarca to be the Industry-Academe Linkages Co-chair.

5) Dr. Gonzales attended a meeting with Laguna Peace and Order Council and mentioned the upcoming convention organized by the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) and Students' Transformation and Enrichment for Truth-Values Integration and Promotion (STET-VIP), primarily to discuss the mandatory ROTC in order to contribute to the ongoing discussion at the house of representatives. There are five (5) house bills initially discussed on their previous meetings. She thought of the possibility of putting together all educators in the said convention for inputs. Details of the convention are as follows:

12th Annual National Convention: "Mandatory ROTC: Directions Towards National Defense and Security through Higher Education"
19-20 June 2014 at SEARCA Auditorium, UPLB College, Laguna.

Guest Speaker will be the Honorable Rodolfo G. Biazon, Chairman for Committee on National Defense and Security.

Dr. Gonzales added that because of the Republic Act 9163, the National Service Training Act of 2001, higher education institutions have to offer the National Service Training Program (NSTP) under which are 3 components: ROTC or the reserve officers' training corps, civic welfare training service, and literacy training service. It is supposed to be optional among students. Unfortunately, the past few years, there has been an alarmed declined in the number of students taking ROTC nationwide.

Dr. Ong invited Dr. Gonzales to be the next speaker on Learning Session and share the output of the convention. Dr. Gonzales agreed.

6) The meeting adjourned at 4:50 pm.

Next Steps

Next committee meeting and learning session will be held on 11 June 2014 at the PCCI Boardroom.

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