12 March 2014, 2pm, PCCI Boardroom


Dr. Eduardo Gutierrez-Ong, PCCI Chairman for Education, called the meeting to order at 2:50 pm. Officers/representatives of the following schools/agencies attended the meeting:

1) Mr. Eduardo R. Nicolas, PCCI Vice President for South Luzon

2) Mr. Krishna Alejandrino, Junior Achievement of the Phils. Inc.

3) Mr. Jomel C. Villanueva, LDS Employment Resource Center-ERC Manila

4) Ms. Grace Mirasol, NCC/EDC

5) Ms. Arsenia Gallardo, Our Lady of Fatima University

6) Dean Dionisio G. Magpantay, PCDEB President

7) Mr. Mark Lisaca, PCCI Manila

8) Ms. Claire Quiray, Stock Market School

9) Dean Narciso E. Quesada, ALCU-COA

10) Dr. Mariquit N. Mendoza, Former UNESCO Commissioner

11) Ms. Juliet Espino, PCCI Secretariat

A short invocation was lead by Mr. Villanueva.

It was announced that Dean Magpantay will end his term as PCDEB President in June 2014 and Dr. Ong has been elected as President of the Council.

Dr. Ong introduced Dean Narciso E. Quesada of ALCU-COA as new member of the committee. He also requested Dean Quesada to invite other ALCU member schools to join the committee. Dean Quesada initially suggested inviting the Pamantasan ng Marikina, Pasig and Urdaneta, Pangasinan.

Ms. Gallardo of Fatima University also suggested inviting representatives from their 3 campuses: Antipolo, Quezon City and Pampanga.

VP Ed Nicolas informed Dr. Ong that there were at least 6 prospective members from different institution, namely: STI Sta. Rosa City, NCSAT, BPA/P, Laguna University, Monde Nissin, and UP Los Baños. He also added that Dr. Adelina Patriarca of ALCU will attend in the next committee meeting.

Dr. Ong presented the highlights of the 2013 Education Committee Activities which include the following:

1) Career Advocacy Forum, 20 February 2013

2) 3rd National Education Forum, 11 September 2013

3) Learning Sessions on:

        • Relevance of Tax Accounting to the Lives of Taxpayers, 11 February 2013
        • Image Enhancement Building, 22 April 2013
        • Career Development, 22 May 2013

4) 7th Business Idea and Development Award, July-October 2013

Decisions and recommendations of the meeting:

1) Dr. Ong appointed Dr. Bella Marie Fabian of Centro Escolar University (not present) to Chair the 8th BIDA competition. The latter accepted the assignment thru mobile communication with Dr. Ong during the meeting.

2) Ms. Quiray will be the first resource speaker on learning session in April. She was appointed by Dr. Ong to Chair the Learning Session (LS) subcommittee.

3) Dean Magpantay was appointed by Dr. Ong to Chair the 4th NEF.

4) VP Nicolas was also appointed by Dr. Ong to Chair the next Career Advocacy Forum (CAF). He was also appointed to Chair the Industry-Academe Linkages.

5) Other members of the committee agreed to support the subcommittees:

Ms. Gallardo – BIDA Co-chair
Mr. Alejandrino – BIDA Co-chair
Mr. Villanueva – CAF Co-chair
Dean Quesada – LS Co-chair
Ms. Mirasol – NEF Co-chair
Mr. Lisaca – Industry-Academe Co-chair

Other Matters

1) Mr. Alejandrino asked the group if it possible to come up with a Qualifications Framework for curriculum development. Ms. Mirasol mentioned that the DTI already approved several sectoral roadmaps. Dr. Ong meanwhile said that in PRC, only courses that require licensing has to comply with the said framework. Other courses like business administration do not require licensure exam.

2) Dr. Ong offered to collaborate with PCDEB with regard to implementation of an On-the-Job Training (OJT) program. PCDEB has a continuous faculty training and development program that could bring in expertise to train the faculty. Dr. Ong also mentioned the immersion program announced by former PCCI President Miguel B. Varela during the 3rd NEF. Dean Magpantay wanted a sincere action from PCCI regarding this matter.

3) Still on immersion program, Dr. Ong mentioned that he raised this matter during the last PCCI board meeting. According to him, PCCI will liaise with its 5 regions targeting at least 50 faculties to be trained. He requested the Regional Governors to attend the next board meeting.

4) Ms. Espino will provide Mr. Alejandrino the list of email addresses of the members for possible tie-up of schools with JAPI.

5) On Passage to ASEAN, Dr. Ong informed the members that he was appointed by Rangsit University as P2A Coordinator for the Philippines. He suggested to invite again the said University in the 4th NEF.

6) Dr. Ong suggested that CAF will be held before June 30, 2014.

7) The following are the proposed schedule of events and monthly meetings:

        • April 10
        • May 21 (to give leeway to SOLAB, May 14)
        • June 11
        • June, CAF (before June 30)
        • July 9
        • August 13
        • August, NEF
        • September-October, PBC /BIDA
        • November 12

8) The meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm.

Next Steps

Dr. Ong encouraged the Subcom Chairs to conduct meetings as early as possible.

Next committee meeting and learning session will be held on 10 April 2014 at the PCCI Boardroom.

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