Club Workshops for EcoSWITCH Certified Companies

Workshop # Title / Topic Description Date Facilitator Venue
Club Workshop 1 Energy Management and Efficiency Techniques This covers a discussion on Energy Management Systems with a practical approach using ProTools (courtesy of Klima Aktiv from Austria) and Efficiency Techniques in common Energy Cost centers in most organizations (e.g. HVAC, CDA, PM&D [Pumps, Motors and Drives]) May 2, 2012 C. Angerbauer, ECOSWITCH team Berjaya Hotel Makati 7835 Makati Avenue cor Eduque St., Makati City
Club Workshop 2 Carbon Footprint Calculations and Techniques Designed for a 1-day workshop, this is an appreciation course which digs into the fundamentals and Techniques of carbon footprint calculations. May 4, 2012 Kamlesh B. (STENUM Asia) ECOSWITCH Team
Club Workshop 3 Life Cycle Analysis and Eco-design This section covers a/an (detailed) explanation on the practice of life cycle analysis, where the objective is to, while effectively put into practice the concept, challenge participants in building innovative and sustainable ideas. May 8, 2012 T. Dielacher, ECOSWITCH Team


These are whole-day activities comprising a set of lectures and workshops to completely grasp the concepts of the topic and benchmark ideas while at the progress of the project.


Club Companies may send maximum of 2 participants.

Kindly confirm the participants from your company who will attend the said workshop, by filling out the attached registration form and sending it back to me until Wednesday, April 18, 2012.