ECCP: Major Benefits of Cloud Computing to Your Business

Date: 27 April 2012
Time: 8AM-11AM
Venue: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Makati – Ballroom1

Is Cloud Computing good for your business?

Cloud computing is designed to deliver software, infrastructure and platform resources as on-demand services from a shared pool with a high degree of efficiency and flexibility toward the delivery of accurately sized workloads to meet business units’ needs.

It enables IT organizations and users to provide / requisition the exact computing power and capacity needed to dynamically support products and services. Moreover, having a cloud infrastructure also allows enterprises to leverage third-party cloud services such as hosted software or offsite disaster recovery with nil or minimal capital investment. Understanding IT infrastructure options is the critical first step of any journey into the cloud. Cloud technology is necessarily flexible so one size definitely does not fit all.

Companies interested in cloud deployment have to choose from private, public and hybrid models and each has its own advantages, drawbacks and potential usage scenarios. A private cloud is designed for the exclusive use of a single organization; a public cloud is used by multiple organizations (called tenants) that lease cloud space, and the hybrid cloud refers to when an enterprise turns to a public cloud for additional processing.

Three types of services are commonly delivered by clouds: software (e-mail, data backup, etc.), infrastructure (virtual servers, virtual clients, remote storage, etc.) and platform (application development, deployment and hosting).

After deciding which cloud deployment model to use, choosing the combination of the services to be delivered, considering the impact of cloud computing on all areas of the business, and establishing clear goals, the enterprise can then come up with a desktop-to-data center cloud infrastructure that meets its particular needs.

Why should you do it?

Cloud computing can help companies reduce IT infrastructure maintenance costs (in some cases to less than 50% of IT spending) while enhancing organizational agility.

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