PCCI Launches Youth Affairs Group

The PCCI Youth Affairs Committee (YAC) was formally launched in January this year taking the lead role in fostering activities for young entrepreneurs. With over 90% of PCCI membership base belonging to small and medium businesses, the YAC formation is in line with the PCCI’s agenda to push for the development of Philippine SMEs.

Composed of young business executives and entrepreneurs representing diverse industries, YAC seeks to create opportunities for SMEs and develop their management skills as potential industry leaders.

Initiated by PCCI President Atty. Miguel B. Varela, the Committee is foreseen to bolster PCCI’s goal of developing and attracting young talents and expertise that will help push the growth of Philippine economy. Developing a strong alliance with the National Youth Commission (NYC), its counterpart in government, is part of its overall plan to cascade opportunities to young entrepreneurs in the regions.

The Committee will also be the PCCI’s key coordinating group with young entrepreneurs abroad such as the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Asia Pacific (YEGAP) under the Confederation of Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI) and the ASEAN-China Young Entrepreneurs Association (ACYEA).

Atty. Varela has formulated a work plan dubbed “Invest 2012” focusing on twelve key sectors considered top revenue earners that will have significant effect on the economy. Tapping its domestic and international networks, PCCI teams up with partners in government and other business groups, to wage an intensive campaign to attract foreign investors to do business in the country.

With Invest 2012 in mind, the Youth Affairs have appointed sectoral focal officers to identify trade and investment potentials, assist in business matching and recommends programs and activities for their respective groups.

The Agri-Business Committee proposes for instance to undertake a series of talks in select universities to present modern concepts that would encourage growth of agro-industry and agro-technology. The talks will have the theme: Philippine Agriculture – Towards the Next 15 Years.

The Creative Committee, on the other hand, identified four strategies to develop the creative industry namely, (1) facts and awareness exchange (networking, brokerage, web platform, events and publications; (2) advocacy and collaborations (values and sector opportunities; (3) programme development (support, labelling and capacity building); and (4) investment support (resources).

Another strategy that is being worked out is making the Philippines a premier destination for English language instruction for both local and foreign students. Remote English education program is being proposed providing a cheaper and more flexibility in learning the language. This is also in reaction to the growing and lucrative Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry which English proficiency is required. The Committee shall work for the approval of the curriculum by the local Department/Ministry of Education and the partner country to achieve official recognition and in selling the ESL program.

Young entrepreneurs from PCCI corporate members, business councils, local chambers of commerce and attached trade and industry associations nationwide will be encouraged to participate in the youth group.   Budding entrepreneurs are also invited to enable them to broaden their business knowledge and effectively manage their respective businesses.

The following are the Youth Affairs Committee officers for 2012:


Mr. Louie Kaw - Amsteel Structures, Inc.

Ms. Michelle Lim - Milesy Company Limited

Mr. Dave Almarinez -DrinkACT Southeast Asia, Inc.



Atty. Reggie Nolido - Corporate Counsels Philippines
Mr. Crisanto Sabino - Alay Buhay Community Foundation
Mr. Hector Roque -Ultima Shell

Business Process Outsourcing

Mr. Ernest Yu -Pagoda Philippines, Inc.


Mr. Kwon Ian Chan -Dunfeng International Limited
Mr. Ramon Pineda –Penwood


Ms. Marbee Go -Manila Bulletin

Home Decor and Lifestyle

Ms. Emily Sy - Milesy Company Limited


Mr. Jon Acuzar – Jose Cris Builders
Mr. Victor Varela -New Light Technology, Inc.

Education, Research and Development and Training

Mr. Gian Carlo De Jesus -Reinlab Corporation
Mr. Joel Go -Ever Gotesco Group of Companies

Creative Industries

Ms. Jessica Corpus -Marconstruk, Inc.
Ms. Melissa Varela -VLSIS Management, Inc.


Mr. Emmanuel Pascual -Global Pinoy Remittance and Services


Mr. Dave Almarinez -DrinkACT Southeast Asia, Inc.

International Affairs

Mr. Rommel Gerodias - Reinlab Corporation

Membership Committee

Mr. Crisanto Sabino -Alay Buhay Community Foundation

Special Projects Committee

Ms. Michelle Lim -Milesy Company Limited

Ways and Means Committee

Ms. Pops Fernandez – Cheapipay Co.

The first major project of the Committee is the PCCI All Star Golf Cup to be held on 14 May 2012 at the Alabang Golf and Country Club. The proceeds of this golf tournament will be used to finance the Committee’s activities.